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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is located to the south of Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Not only is Dubai an industrial hub of the region, but also it is the important port, business center, oil resource, and especially tourism. Because of the ideal location in the middle of Asia, Europe, and Africa crossroad, Dubai is a very attractive tourist attraction that blended up the cultures of diverse continents around the country becoming a great charm that attraction a large number of travel trips every year. These all factors make Dubai turns to be the fascinating tourist destination that almost tourists and travelers must fall in love.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are thinking of sunshine, shopping, seaside, sports, luxury, and safety, Dubai might be ranked among the first top countries owning these factors. Famous for the highest standard of comfortable and luxury facility, hotels, rooms, and accommodations, many of both tourists and business travelers know that Dubai owns the first seven star hotel and many finest services for travel information. Try delicious Dubai cuisine in the downtown restaurants; which is considered another attraction of the country. Tourist attractions in the country are various, such as the Jumeirah Mosque, the largest and most attractive mosque; the Bastakiya, which shows the numerous traditional-style building; the Gold Sock, one of the world’s largest retail gold market; the Heritage Village, home to local way of life and crafts; Burj Al-Arub Hotel, the world’s first seven star hotel, and Dubai’s most luxury and highest hotel constructing on a man-made island.